Duct Cleaning

What’s In Your Ducts?

Clean Ducts Make for Healthy Living and an Energy Efficient System

M&K Heating and Cooling can change the air you breathe! Let our EPA Certified, Indoor Air Quality Specialists, perform a thorough, multistep cleaning of the ducts at home or at work.

Clean Air Is Important to Your Health

We worry so much about pollutants we breathe outside that we often forget about all that we are exposed to in our own homes and at work. In fact, most pollutants affecting indoor air quality, and consequently your health, come from within. Mold, pet dander, disease causing bacterium, and other pollutants that are carried throughout a buildings heating/cooling duct systems. With a dirty air duct system just think of all the dirty, unhealthy air you and are your family are breathing.

Don’t Move In Without Cleaning Ducts!

Moving in to a home without cleaning ducts is like wearing the previous owner’s unwashed underwear.  Seriously!  It is that gross.  Do the healthy thing and schedule a duct cleaning today.

Clean Ducts Means Maximum Efficiency

No matter what time of year, clean ducts not only help reduce the indoor allergens and contaminants you breathe, but also helps your heating and A/C system run more efficiently. With less build up in your ducts, your system is able to push air through with maximum efficiency, minimizing your utility bills!

M & K Duct Cleaning Includes:

  • Supply-and return-air duct cleaning
  • Blower motor, wheel and housing cleaning
  • Changing of all filters
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • And chemical cleaning of the evaporative coil

Additionally, we can apply disinfecting spray in the duct system which helps eliminate odors, and prevents fungus from growing in the ducts.*

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* A small additional charge applies